About Us

Henri-Jacques Perrin began to explore the world in the early 90s. Discovering the rich diversity of Latin American cultures has developed in him a passion for artistic creation. After random encounters and experiences, he settles on the Pacific Ocean, near the city of Antigua, in Guatemala, in 1999. He opens a bar, feet in the water, which becomes a laboratory for experimenting with his artistic impulses. It is a success! Local materials, colors and textures feed his imagination. Natural fibers intensify his creativity and eventually, he finds in bamboo an inexhaustible source to develop design and technique.

On this Mayan land, who adopted him, he makes a decisive encounter. It is thanks to Shyh Lin Shiun Taiwanese master, who also lives in Guatemala, that he will learn traditional techniques. The richness local arts and crafts, and the creativity of artisans who worked with him, allowed him to develop new techniques. In 2007, he sold his pub and created in Antigua Zu Bamb├╣. A company dedicated to design. He created unique art pieces for restaurants, hotels and private collectors. Among others, he collaborated on several projects with the interior designer Eric Ledoigt. Eventually his travels took him to Asia. He put down his suitcases in Cambodia. In this new culture, it is for him an inexhaustible source to rediscover and reinvent creativity.

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